Human Apolipoprotein CIII ( Apo CIII )

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Plasma lipoproteins classes can be defined according to the densities at which they are isolated, as high (HDL), low (LDL), intermediate (IDL), very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL), and the chylomicrons.

In general, lipoprotein particles range in size from 10 to 1000 nm. They are composed of a hydrophobic core containing cholesteryl esters, triglycerides, fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. The surrounding hydrophilic layer is composed of various apolipoproteins, phospholipids and cholesterol.

HDL contains several types of apolipoproteins including apoAI, II & IV, apoCI, II & III, apoD and apoE. LDL contains the apolipoprotein apoB100. VLDL contains several types of apolipoproteins including apoB100, apoCI, II & III and apoE. Chylomicrons contain several types of apolipoproteins including apoAI, II & IV, apoB48, apoCI, II & III, apoE and apoH.

Apolipoproteins can be isolated by delipidation, and a number of preparative methods, such as gel filtration or DEAE chromatography.

Plasma concentration of human lipoprotein[a], Lp[a], is highly correlated with coronary artery disease. The protein moiety of Lp[a], apoLp[a], consists of two apoproteins, apo[a] and apoB-100, linked by one or more disulfide bonds(s).

C-Reactove Protein (CRP), a biomarker associated with cardiovascular events.

Human C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is an important biomarker for predicting of future cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke. CRP is an acute phase protein produced by the liver. It is a member of the pentraxin family of proteins with five identical nonglycosylated subunits of 206 amino acids each (m.w. 24 kDa). Among other markers of inflammation, CRP has shown the strongest association with cardiovascular events. Clinical studies demonstrated that coronary mortality among patients with unstable angina and elevated CRP is significantly higher comparing with the patients without elevated CRP.
Purity > 98% by SDS-PAGE.
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