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Typ Elisa-Kit
Specific against Human
Menge 1 Plate
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Kinase Insert Domain Protein Receptor (KDR), better known as VEGF Receptor 2 (VEGFR2), is one of the two receptors of the VEGF and is a Type III Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK). It functions as the main mediator of VEGF-induced endothelial proliferation, survival, migration, tubular morphogenesis and sprouting. The signaling and trafficking of KDR/VEGFR2 are regulated by multiple factors, including Rab GTPase, P2Y Purine Nucleotide Receptor, Integrin alpha V beta 3, and T-cell Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase. Mutations of the KDR/VEGFR2 gene are implicated in infantile capillary hemangiomas. The Human KDR/VEGFR2 ELISA is an in vitro enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative measurement of Human KDR/VEGFR2 in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and urine. This assay employs an antibody specific for Human KDR/VEGFR2 coated on a 96-well plate. Standards and samples are pipetted into the wells and IL1B present in a sample is bound to the wells by the immobilized antibody. The wells are washed and Biotinylated Anti-Human KDR/VEGFR2 antibody is added. After washing away unbound Biotinylated antibody, HRP-Streptavidin is pipetted to the wells. The wells are again washed, a TMB substrate solution is added to the wells and color develops in proportion to the amount of KDR/VEGFR2 bound.
Storage and Stability
May be stored for up to 6 months at 2-8C from the date of shipment. Standard should be stored below -20C (-80C recommended) after reconstitution. Opened Microplate Wells and reagents may be store for up to 1 month at 2-4C. Return unused wells to the pouch containing desiccant pack, reseal along entire edge of zipseal.
The minimum detectable dose of KDR/VEGFR2 is typically less than 70 pg/mL.
Menge: 1 Plate
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