Native Human beta 2-Microglobulin

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Typ Proteins
Specific against Human
Menge 5 mg
Host Human
ArtNr CS-CRB111C
eClass 6.1 34160400
eClass 9.0 42020190
Beta 2 microglobulin is an 11 kDa protein associated with the outer membrane of many cells including lymphocytes. It is the small subunit of the MHC class I molecule. Association with beta 2-microglobulin is generally required for the transport of class I heavy chains from the endoplasmic reticulum to the cell surface. Beta 2 microglobulin associates with class I-like molecules such as CD1 and Qa as well as with the alpha chain of MHC class I molecules. Very limited amounts of MHC class I molecules can be found on the surface in the absence of Beta 2 microglobulin. CD8 T cells cannot develop in the absence of MHC class I. Beta 2-microglobulin is present in small amounts in serum, csf, and urine of normal people, and to a much greater degree in the urine and plasma of patients with tubular proteinaemia, renal failure, or kidney transplants. Human Beta 2 microglobulin levels can rise either because its rate of synthesis has increased (e.g. in AIDS, malignant monoclonal plasma cell dyscrasia, solid tumors and autoimmune disease) or because of impaired renal filtration (e.g. due to renal insufficiency, graft rejection or nephrotoxicity induced by post-transplantation immunosuppressive therapy). Beta-2 microglobulin levels might also be elevated in multiple myeloma and lymphoma cases. Dialysis-related amyloidosis develops after a long-term hemodialysis, it can aggregate into amyloid fibers that deposit in joint spaces. Human Beta-2 Microglobulin produced in Human urine from patients with tubular proteinuria having a MW = 12 kDa and pI of 5.6.
Sterile filtered and then lyophilized from 0.02 M NH4HCO3.
Centrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute the lyophilized protein in phosphate buffer pH >7.0 containing 0.15 M NaCl.
Storage and Stability
Lyophilized Human B2M although stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, should be stored between 2-4C.
Human urine from patients with tubular proteinuria
Menge: 5 mg
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