Recombinant Human BMP-4 active

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Typ Proteins
Specific against Human
Menge 10 ug
Host E.coli
ArtNr CS-CRB137A
Eclass 6.1 34160400
Eclass 9.0 42020190
BMPs (bone morphogenetic proteins) belong to the TGF-a superfamily of structurally related signaling proteins. As implied by their name, BMPs promote and regulate bone development, growth, remodeling and repair, in both prenatal development and postnatal growth of eye, heart, kidney, skin, and other tissues. Recombinant human BMP-4 is a 13 kDa monomeric, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 116 amino acid residues.
Sterile filtered and lyophilized
Centrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/ml in sterile 20 mM acetic acid. This solution can then be diluted into other aqueous buffers and stored at 4C for 1 week or -20C for future use.
Storage and Stability
The lyophilized protein is best-stored desiccated below 0C. Reconstituted BMP-4 should be stored in working aliquots at -20C. For long-term storage, it is recommended to add a carrier protein (0.1% BSA). Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
E. coli
Molecular Weight
13 kDa
>98% by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analyses
Endotoxin Level
< 0.1 ng/ug of protein
Biological Activity
The ED50 as determined by dose-dependent induction of alkaline phosphatase activity with C2C12 cells is in the range of 2-12 ug/ml.
Menge: 10 ug
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