Smart Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Hersteller Cloud-Clone
Typ Labware
Specific against other
Menge 1ea
ArtNr SCA17.1
eClass 6.1 32039090
eClass 9.0 32039090
Specifications: standard 96-wells opaque plates
Detector: Cathode photo multiplier tubes
Spectral range: 300nmca.650nm
The background count rate: <=300s-1(Routine testing temperature<=25C)
Maximum count rate: linearity deviation<=10%, the maximum rate >=1.2Ms-1
Stability: Instability rate<=3% (Under 30 mins preheating and 8 hours continuous working)
Repeatability: Cv<=3%
Size: 45cmx40cmx32cm
Weight: 25kg
Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth connection
Data interfaces: USB, WIFI, Bluetooth
Data storage: Local SD card, U-disk, cloud storage
Display: 0.6-inch IPS Android Tablet
Operation: Touchable operation
Input power: 150VA
Fuse: 3.15A, 110Vca.240V
Power supply: 110Vca.240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Operation condition: 0Cca.40C; Relative humidity<=85%
Storage condition: -10Cca.40C; Relative humidity<=85%
1. Large screen (10.1 -inch IPS high-performance touch screen.
2. Getting result immediately (The reading can be completed by two steps, computing and directly plotting.)
3. Data storage (Intelligent, WIFI networking, Data cloud storage )
4. Cell phone Bluetooth (Remote control within 100 meters)
Menge: 1ea
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Preis: 12.100,00 €


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