Smart Microplate Washer

Hersteller Cloud-Clone
Typ Washer
Specific against other
Menge 1ea
ArtNr SMW16.1
eClass 6.1 32050290
eClass 9.0 32050290
Cleaning head: Suitable for 8 needles or 12 needles
Cleaning frequency: 0ca.255
Cleaning row: 1ca.12
Cleaning channel: 2(1 for wash buffer and 1 for distilled water)
Soaking time: 0ca.255 seconds
Shaking time: 0ca.255 seconds
Residual fluid <=uL/well
Dispense precision: <=+/-3%CV: 300uL/well
Volume range: 50ca.350uL/well
Weight 7.5kg
Dimension: 400mmx285mmx150mm
Basic function: Compatible with falt, U- or V-bottom plates as well as strips
1. Invisible wash bottle, generous apperance, compact and space saving.
2. Freely set for washing area, bisual manipulation.
Tablet PC, touch screen operation.
3. Waste liquid alarm.
4. To compare with traditional operation: there is no need to change reagents manually, less risk of pollution can be achieved.
5. Personalized APP, operate the equipment with mobile phone, control the microplate washer by bluetooth.
Long soak time design can meet varity of uses.
Menge: 1ea
Lieferbar: In stock
Listenpreis: 4.895,00 €
Preis: 4.895,00 €


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