Smart Electric Heated Constant Temperature Incubator

Hersteller Cloud-Clone
Typ Labware
Specific against other
Menge 1ea
ArtNr STI16.1
eClass 6.1 32039090
eClass 9.0 32039090
Temperature range: RT + 5C-80C
External dimensions(w*d*h):730mmx645mmx870mm
Inner dimensions(w*d*h):600mxm510mmx500mm
Effective volume: 153L
Net weight: 61kg
Power consumption: 300W
External material: Colored coating steel plate
Internal material: Stainless steel
Door: Stainless steel
Shelves: 2ca.4 pcs
Circulatory system: Natural convection
Heater: 300W
Temperature setting: With key lock digital setting, digital display
Temperature control: PID microcomputer control system
Temperature sensor: Thermistor temperature sensor
Automatically set alarm: Temperature deviated from the sat value +/-2.5C, sight/sound dual alarm
Temperature homogeneity: +/-0.5C(set 37C, environment temperature at 20C, no load)
Temperature volatility: +/-0.1C(60C) +/-0.2C(60Cca.80C)
Timer: Delay function automatic timer 00:00ca.99:59
Temperature record: Record once every 10 mins
1. Fuzzy PID controller with precise temperature control, less volatility and the function of maximum timing value of 99 hours and 99 minutes
2. The glass door of inner layer is convenient for clear observation. When glass door opened, the breeze circulation and heating will stop automatically, no disadvantages of temperature overshoot
3. The mirrored stainless steel tank and electric film heating makes heating speed and uniform heating
4. Natural convection circulation and automatic control can avoid sample evaporation caused by the large air volume during the trial
5. Independent limit temperature alarm system will be automatically interrupted when exceeding the limit temperature. It ensures experiments run safety without accidents.
6. The bluetooth device is used to connect mobile phone and computer, It can record the change status of temperature parameters
Menge: 1ea
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Preis: 4.895,00 €


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