Genekam DNA isolation kit (store at room temperature) 250

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Hersteller Genekam Biotechnology
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Menge 250 reactions
ArtNr GEK-SB0071
eClass 6.1 32161000
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This kit is being used in many institutes in Germany and world at present. The example how they save the money: If an university uses 5000 isolations kit compared the cost for Euro 300 per 100 isolations with mini column, which will be 15000 Euro against Genekam kit, which costs only 799 Euro i.e. institute will save 14200 Euros. Today, an automatic machine for DNA isolation costs 80000 Euro plus chemicals i.e. with 80000 Euro, user can buy 800000 isolations from Genekam. 800000 isolations are being done in 2 or 3 years on a biggest medical university, which means saving the costs of many hundred thousand dollars (more than 2 million Euro) for conducting DNA isolations from plasmid, genotyping, virus, bacterial and blood samples. With 800000 isolations, one may conduct one of biggest studies about the presence of specific genetic mutations or Mycobacterium tuberculosis / HBV in a country with budget less 5 million Euro! Countries like India / Mexico / Nigeria will know how much percentage of people have Mycobacterium tuberculosis or HBV (latent carriers!) with 800000 isolations in a project of 5 million Euro!
This kit can be used as basis for highly purified plasmid DNA for development of vaccine (a few more steps needed for this: we are developing them also so that the reduction in production price of very low endotoxin and pure DNA may be lead to accelerate the development of DNA vaccines and genetherapies. Genekam has developed magnetic beads based endotoxin removal kit: magnetic beads based transfections agents are underway!)

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Menge: 250 reactions
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