Extended Range LMWDS ELISA for Buffer

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Dextran Sulfate is in the family glycosaminoglycan. It is a polyanionic dextran derivative which may be synthesized from various high purity and well-characterized dextran fractions. In clinical research anticoagulant dextran sulfate properties have been tested as a possible substitute for heparin in anticoagulant therapy. Another source of interest relates to the effect of dextran sulfate on enzyme inhibition in certain biological systems. Dextran sulfate is used to precipitate LDL and VLDL in plasma fractionation procedures. Dextran sulfate must then be removed from the product. The K- 4300 assay allows measurement of dextran sulfate and gives manufacturers quantitative data that they have added the appropriate level or have subsequently removed dextran sulfate from their product. The dextran sulfate ELISA product number K-4300 is a quantitative enzyme-linked assay designed for the in vitro measurement of dextran sulfate levels in low protein content fluids such as buffer or urine. This assay measures dextran sulfate directly using a dextran sulfate binding protein which has been conjugated to HRP. The dextran sulfate-ELISA is a competitive assay in which the colorimetric signal is inversely proportional to the amount of dextran sulfate present in the sample. Samples to be assayed are first mixed with the detector-enzyme conjugate in wells of the coated plate. Dextran sulfate in the sample competes with dextran sulfate bound to the plate for binding of the detector-enzyme conjugate. The concentration of dextran sulfate in the sample is determined using a standard curve of known amounts of dextran sulfate.
Coated 96-well plate Detector -Enzyme Conjugate vial Conjugate Diluent TMB Solution Stop Solution, 0.5M H2SO4 Wash Concentrate 10X, (dilute 1 part plus 9 parts water to make TBS plus 0.05%, TWEEN 20)
Application Notes
Pipettes Absorbance microplate reader Dextran sulfate standards Normal Saline (154 mM NaCl) Plate Cover
Kit can be stored unopened at 4°, C for up to six months. Opened and reconstituted solutions can be used for up to one week when stored at 4°, C. All components and solutions should be protected from light. Reconstituted detector enzyme conjugate should be used immediately or aliquotted and stored at -80°, C.

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Menge: 96 Tests
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