Manufacturer GENWAY
Type Antibody
Specific against Human
Amount 0.02 mg
Host Mouse
ArtNr 20-783-314890
Genway ID:
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein G
Buffer Solution:
Phosphate buffered saline
Preservative Stabilisers:
0. 09% Sodium Azide 1% Bovine Serum AlbuminApprox. Protein Concentrations: IgG concentration 0. 1 mg/ml
Reacts with a PI-linked glycoprotein Mw 18-20kD found on all types of leucocytes including platelets. The antigen is expressed on many haemapoietic and non-haemapoietic cells. MEM-43 has been shown to stimulate NK activity. Recommended Secondary Antibodies: STREPTAVIDIN
Potent inhibitor of the complement membrane attack complex (MAC) action. Acts by binding to the C8 and/or C9 complements of the assembling MAC thereby preventing incorporation of the multiple copies of C9 required for complete formation of the osmolytic pore. This inhibitor appears to be species-specific. Involved in signal transduction for T-cell activation complexed to a protein tyrosine kinase. The soluble form from urine retains its specific complement binding activity but exhibits greatly reduced ability to inhibit MAC assembly on cell membranes. Subunit structureInteracts with T-cell surface antigen CD2. Ref. 13Subcellular locationCell membrane; Lipid-anchor & rsaquo; GPI-anchor. Secreted.
Soluble form found in a number of tissues. Ref. 12Ref. 16Ref. 18Ref. 19Ref. 20Post-translational modificationN- and O-glycosylated. The N-glycosylation mainly consists of a family of biantennary complex-type structures with and without lactosamine extensions and outer arm fucose residues. Also significant amounts of triantennary complexes (22%). Variable sialylation also present in the Asn-43 oligosaccharide. The predominant O-glycans are mono-sialylated forms of the disaccharide Gal-beta-1 3GalNAc and their sites of attachment are probably on Thr-76 and Thr-77. The GPI-anchor of soluble urinary CD59 has no inositol-associated phospholipid but is composed of seven different GPI-anchor variants of one or more monosaccharide units. Major variants contain sialic acid mannose and glucosamine Sialic acid linked to an N-acetylhexosamine-galactose arm is present in two variants. Ref. 16Ref. 11Ref. 21Glycated. Glycation is found in diabetic subjects but only at minimal levels in nondiabetic subjects. Glycated CD59 lacks MAC-inhibitory function and confers to vascular complications of diabetes. Involvement in diseaseDefects in CD59 are the cause of CD59 deficiency [MIM:612300]. Ref. 25Sequence similaritiesContains 1 UPAR/Ly6 domain.
Amount: 0.02 mg
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