Manufacturer GENWAY
Type Antibody
Specific against Mouse
Amount 0.1 mg
Host Rat
ArtNr 20-783-314591
Genway ID:
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein G from tissue culture supernatant
Buffer Solution:
Phosphate buffered saline pH7. 4
Preservative Stabilisers:
0. 09% Sodium Azide 1% Bovine Serum AlbuminApprox. Protein Concentrations: IgG concentration 0. 1 mg/ml
Membrane glycoproteins of cytotoxic T-cells
Recognises the murine beta 2 integrin (CD18). CD18 is a 95KD cell surface glycoprotein that forms heterodimers with the integrin subunit alpha L (CD11a) alpha M (CD11b) or alpha X (CD11c) to produce integrins CD11a/CD18 CD11b/CD18 and CD11c/CD18 respectively. CD18 is expressed by all leucocytes and plays an important role in adhesion and signalling in the haematopoietic system. Clone M18/2 has been reported to both inhibit and enhance certain functions of CD18 (please refer to references 2 and 3). Recommended Negative Controls: RAT IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL:FITC
Integrin alpha-L/beta-2 is a receptor for ICAM1 ICAM2 ICAM3 and ICAM4. Integrins alpha-M/beta-2 and alpha-X/beta-2 are receptors for the iC3b fragment of the third complement component and for fibrinogen. Integrin alpha-X/beta-2 recognizes the sequence G-P-R in fibrinogen alpha-chain. Integrin alpha-M/beta-2 recognizes P1 and P2 peptides of fibrinogen gamma chain. Integrin alpha-M/beta-2 is also a receptor for factor X. Integrin alpha-D/beta-2 is a receptor for ICAM3 and VCAM1. Subunit structureHeterodimer of an alpha and a beta subunit. Beta-2 associates with either alpha-L alpha-M alpha-X or alpha-D. Interacts with COPS5 and RANBP9 By similarity. Subcellular locationMembrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Sequence similaritiesBelongs to the integrin beta chain family. Contains 1 VWFA domain. [1] \" A novel cytoplasmic protein with RNA-binding motifs is an autoantigen in human hepatocellular carcinoma. \" Zhang J. -Y. Chan E. K. L. Peng X. -X. Tan E. M. J. Exp. Med. 189:1101-1110(1999) [PubMed: 10190901] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [MRNA] (ISOFORM 2) IDENTIFICATION AS A HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA ANTIGEN TISSUE SPECIFICITY SUBCELLULAR LOCATION. Tissue: Colon adenocarcinoma. [2] \" A novel type 2 diabetes-associated variant of IGF2BP2 gene affects expression of a functional alternative splicing form. \" Prokunina-Olsson L. Hanisch J. J. Jackson A. Chines P. S. Erdos M. R. Bonnycastle L. L. Swift A. Narisu N. Scott L. J. Morken M. Mohlke K. Bergman R. Tuomilehto J. Boehnke M. Rotimi C. N. Watanabe R. N. Collins F. S. Submitted (JAN-2008) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databasesCited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [MRNA] (ISOFORMS 3; 4 AND 5). Tissue: Pancreatic islet. [3] \" The DNA sequence annotation and analysis of human chromosome 3. \" Muzny D. M. Scherer S. E. Kaul R. Wang J. Yu J. Sudbrak R. Buhay C. J. Chen R. Cree A. Ding Y. Dugan-Rocha S. Gill R. Gunaratne P. Harris R. A. Hawes A. C. Hernandez J. Hodgson A. V. Hume J. Jackson A. Khan Z. M. Kovar-Smith C. Lewis L. R. Lozado R. J. Metzker M. L. Milosavljevic A. Miner G. R. Morgan M. B. Nazareth L. V. Scott G. Sodergren E. Song X. -Z. Steffen D. Wei S. Wheeler D. A. Wright M. W. Worley K. C. Yuan Y. Zhang Z. Adams C. Q. Ansari-Lari M. A. Ayele M. Brown M. J. Chen G. Chen Z. Clendenning J. Clerc-Blankenburg K. P. Chen R. Chen Z. Davis C. Delgado O. Dinh H. H. Dong W. Draper H. Ernst S. Fu G. Gonzalez-Garay M. L. Garcia D. K. Gillett W. Gu J. Hao B. Haugen E. Havlak P. He X. Hennig S. Hu S. Huang W. Jackson L. R. Jacob L. S. Kelly S. H. Kube M. Levy R. Li Z. Liu B. Liu J. Liu W. Lu J. Maheshwari M. Nguyen B. -V. Okwuonu G. O. Palmeiri A. Pasternak S. Perez L. M. Phelps K. A. Plopper F. J. Qiang B. Raymond C. Rodriguez R. Saenphimmachak C. Santibanez J. Shen H. Shen Y. Subramanian S. Tabor P. E. Verduzco D. Waldron L. Wang J. Wang J. Wang Q. Williams G. A. Wong G. K. -S. Yao Z. Zhang J. Zhang X. Zhao G. Zhou J. Zhou Y. Nelson D. Lehrach H. Reinhardt R. Naylor S. L. 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Chem. 384:25-37(2003) [PubMed: 12674497] [Abstract]Cited for: INTERACTION WITH HNRPD. [7] \" VICKZ proteins: a multi-talented family of regulatory RNA-binding proteins. \" Yisraeli J. K. Biol. Cell 97:87-96(2005) [PubMed: 15601260] [Abstract]Cited for: REVIEW. [8] \" Expression of IGF-II mRNA-binding proteins (IMPs) in gonads and testicular cancer. \" Hammer N. A. Hansen T. O. Byskov A. G. Rajpert-De Meyts E. Groendahl M. L. Bredkjaer H. E. Wewer U. M. Christiansen J. Nielsen F. C. Reproduction 130:203-212(2005) [PubMed: 16049158] [Abstract]Cited for: SUBCELLULAR LOCATION TISSUE SPECIFICITY. [9] \" Molecular composition of IMP1 ribonucleoprotein granules. \" Joeson L. Vikesaa J. Krogh A. Nielsen L. K. Hansen T. Borup R. Johnsen A. H. Christiansen J. Nielsen F. C. Mol. Cell. Proteomics 6:798-811(2007) [PubMed: 17289661] [Abstract]Cited for: INTERACTION WITH IGF2BP1 SUBCELLULAR LOCATION. [10] \" A quantitative atlas of mitotic phosphorylation. \" Dephoure N. Zhou C. Villen J. Beausoleil S. A. Bakalarski C. E. Elledge S. J. Gygi S. P. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 105:10762-10767(2008) [PubMed: 18669648] [Abstract]Cited for: PHOSPHORYLATION [LARGE SCALE ANALYSIS] AT SER-162 AND SER-164 MASS SPECTROMETRY. Tissue: Cervix carcinoma.
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