Manufacturer GENWAY
Type Antibody
Specific against Mouse
Amount 0.1 mg
Host Rat
ArtNr 20-783-314606
Genway ID:
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein G from tissue culture supernatant
Buffer Solution:
Phosphate buffered saline pH7. 4
Preservative Stabilisers:
0. 09% Sodium Azide (NaN3)Approx. Protein Concentrations: IgG concentration 1. 0mg/ml
BCL1 cells expressing CD80
Recognises mouse CD80 (B7-1) a 60kD cell surface glycoprotein which is a member of the CD28/B7 family. In mice CD80 is expressed on monocytes peritoneal macrophages and dendritic cells and expression may be significantly increased upon B lymphocytes by LPS and by IL-4. CD80 has been identified as a ligand for CD28 and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4) two structurally similar molecules expressed on T cells. CD28 and CTLA4 are two receptors that have essential but opposing functions in T-cell stimulation. The Interaction of CD80 with CD28 stimulates and sustains T cell responses whereas the interaction of CD80 with CTLA4 is reported to inhibit T-cell responses. Recommended Negative Controls: RAT IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROLRecommended Secondary Antibodies: Goat Anti Rat IgGRabbit Anti Rat IgGGoat Anti Rat IgG (MOUSE ADSORBED)
Involved in the costimulatory signal essential for T lymphocytes activation. T-cell proliferation and cytokine production is induced by the binding of CD28 or CTLA-4 to this receptor. Subcellular locationMembrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Tissue specificityExpressed on activated B-cells gamma interferon stimulated monocytes and non-circulating B-cell malignancies. Developmental stageExpressed between 4 and 12 hours post-activation. Protein was detected at cell surface at 24 hours and it\' s expression was maximal from 48 to 72 hours post-activation. Sequence similaritiesContains 1 Ig-like C2-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain. Contains 1 Ig-like V-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain. 1. Kauffman E. C. et al. (2003) Metastasis suppression: the evolving role of metastasis suppressor genes for regulating cancer cell growth at the secondary site. J. Urol. 169:1122-332. Dong J. T. et al. (1995) KAI1 a metastasis suppressor gene for prostate cancer on human chromosome 11p11. 2. Science ; 884-86. 3. Gil M. L. et al. (1992) A member of the tetra spans transmembrane protein superfamily is recognized by a monoclonal antibody raised against an HLA class I-deficient lymphokine-activated killer-susceptible B lymphocyte line. Cloning and functional studies. J. Immunol. 2826-33. 4. Gaugitsch H. W. et al. (1991) A new superfamily of lymphoid and melanoma cell proteins with extensive homology to Schistosoma mansoni antigen SM23. Eur. J. Immunol. 21:377-83 [1] \" A new superfamily of lymphoid and melanoma cell proteins with extensive homology to Schistosoma mansoni antigen Sm23. \" Gaugitsch H. W. Hofer E. Huber N. E. Schnabl E. Baumruker T. Eur. J. Immunol. 21:377-383(1991) [PubMed: 1842498] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [MRNA]. Tissue: Peripheral blood lymphocyte. [2] \" C33 antigen recognized by monoclonal antibodies inhibitory to human T cell leukemia virus type 1-induced syncytium formation is a member of a new family of transmembrane proteins including CD9 CD37 CD53 and CD63. \" Imai T. Fukudome K. Takagi S. Nagira M. Furuse M. Fukuhara N. Nishimura M. Hinuma Y. Yoshie O. J. Immunol. 149:2879-2886(1992) [PubMed: 1401919] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [MRNA]. [3] \" KAI1 a metastasis suppressor gene for prostate cancer on human chromosome 11p11. 2. \" Dong J. T. Barrett J. C. Science 268:884-886(1995) [PubMed: 7754374] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [MRNA]. [4] \" Genomic organization of the human KAI1 metastasis-suppressor gene. \" Dong J. T. Isaacs W. B. Barrett J. C. Isaacs J. T. Genomics 41:25-32(1997) [PubMed: 9126478] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [GENOMIC DNA]. [5] \" Cloning of human full open reading frames in Gateway(TM) system entry vector (pDONR201). \" Halleck A. Ebert L. Mkoundinya M. Schick M. Eisenstein S. Neubert P. Kstrang K. Schatten R. Shen B. Henze S. Mar W. Korn B. Zuo D. Hu Y. LaBaer J. Submitted (JUN-2004) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databasesCited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [LARGE SCALE MRNA]. [6] Mural R. J. Istrail S. Sutton G. G. Florea L. Halpern A. L. Mobarry C. M. Lippert R. Walenz B. Shatkay H. Dew I. Miller J. R. Flanigan M. J. Edwards N. J. Bolanos R. Fasulo D. Halldorsson B. V. Hannenhalli S. Turner R. Yooseph S. Lu F. Nusskern D. R. Shue B. C. Zheng X. H. Zhong F. Delcher A. L. Huson D. H. Kravitz S. A. Mouchard L. Reinert K. Remington K. A. Clark A. G. Waterman M. S. Eichler E. E. Adams M. D. Hunkapiller M. W. Myers E. W. Venter J. C. Submitted (SEP-2005) to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ databasesCited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [LARGE SCALE GENOMIC DNA] VARIANT VAL-241. [7] \" The status quality and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC). \" The MGC Project TeamGenome Res. 14:2121-2127(2004) [PubMed: 15489334] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [LARGE SCALE MRNA] VARIANT VAL-241. Tissue: Colon. [8] \" EWI2/PGRL associates with the metastasis suppressor KAI1/CD82 and inhibits the migration of prostate cancer cells. \" Zhang X. A. Lane W. S. Charrin S. Rubinstein E. Liu L. Cancer Res. 63:2665-2674(2003) [PubMed: 12750295] [Abstract]Cited for: INTERACTION WITH IGSF8. [9] \" Glycoproteomics analysis of human liver tissue by combination of multiple enzyme digestion and hydrazide chemistry. \" Chen R. Jiang X. Sun D. Han G. Wang F. Ye M. Wang L. Zou H. J. Proteome Res. 8:651-661(2009) [PubMed: 19159218] [Abstract]Cited for: GLYCOSYLATION [LARGE SCALE ANALYSIS] AT ASN-129 MASS SPECTROMETRY. Tissue: Liver. [10] \" Mass-spectrometric identification and relative quantification of N-linked cell surface glycoproteins. \" Wollscheid B. Bausch-Fluck D. Henderson C. O\' Brien R. Bibel M. Schiess R. Aebersold R. Watts J. D. Nat. Biotechnol. 27:378-386(2009) [PubMed: 19349973] [Abstract]Cited for: GLYCOSYLATION [LARGE SCALE ANALYSIS] AT ASN-129 AND ASN-198 MASS SPECTROMETRY. Tissue: Leukemic T-cell.
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