Tn5 DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina (for 50 ng DNA) European Partner

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Tn5 DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina (for 50 ng DNA)
Tn5 DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina is designed to prepare genomic DNA libraries compatible with Illumina sequencers. In vitro adapter insertion and the DNA fragmentation are performed in a single tube. Sequencing-ready libraries can be prepared in 2 hours with only 50 ng of starting genomic DNA.

The quality and quantity of the input genomic DNA is essential for a Tn5 DNA Library Prep. DNA should be purified and then dissolved in Nuclease-free Water or 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0) with the OD260/OD280 between 1.8-2.0. A fluorescent dye method like Qubit or PicoGreen can be used to quantify DNA concentration. It is recommended to avoid DNA quantification methods such as UV absorbance or Nanodrop.

Kit contents:

Store at -20 C for one year.
Dry Ice
This product is for research use only.

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