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Bioassay Technology Laboratory (BT Lab) is our partner for tests and development services such as ELISA kits, WB testing and antigen development. The company is a brand of Shanghai Korain Biotech Co. KorainBio itself was founded in 2010 and develops reagents and tools for life sciences. The company's goal is to be a leading provider of antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits.

In the founding year 2010, BT Lab has also been established and has become a leading brand ever since. Bioassay Technology Laboratory is now successfully developing technologies for a variety of research areas, including immunology, neuroscience, cancer, kinases, phosphatases and cell biology. The research life of many bioscientists is constantly being optimized by the versatile products of the company. Product quality is always put in the first place. All reagents undergo a complex quality management, supported by a dedicated procession team. Of course, the system is CE and ISO certified to assure the highest level of quality for our customers. Detailed product and application information is provided for all products, as well as references in publications and MSDS.

The growing manufacturer specializes in technology development for the discovery, development and manufacture of innovative immune products and services based on molecular technologies. You will be supported by a professional team of life science specialists.

The broad product range of Bioassay Technology Laboratory includes articles for immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence microscopy and quantitative multiplexing. The antibodies of BT Lab are directed against a broad target range of proteins. They are recommended for almost all assays (including Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, immunostaining and flow cytometry) and are also suitable for veterinary research. Both primary and secondary antibodies are available. In addition to reagents, Bioassay Technology Laboratory also offers labware. For your research, you get various pipettes and pipette tips, as well as utensils like gloves and pH strips. This assortment is supplemented by plastic products such as centrifuge tubes and multi-well plates.

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