CytoSelect 96-Well In Vitro Tumor Sensitivity Assay (Soft Agar Colony Formation), Trial Size

Hersteller Cell Biolabs
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Menge 24 assays
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Traditionally, the soft agar colony formation assay has been used to monitor anchorage-independent growth. Cells proliferate for 3-4 weeks in a semisolid culture medium, followed by tedious manual counting of colonies. Our CytoSelect 96-Well In Vitro Tumor Sensitivity Assay provides a stringent, anchorage-independent model for chemosenstivity testing and screening of potential anticancer drugs. After just 6-8 days, cell colonies are quantified using a standard colorimetric microplate reader.

1. Screen for effects of anticancer compounds

2. Uses traditional 3D soft agar matrix

3. Fully quantify tumor sensitivity with no manual cell counting

4. Results in 6-8 days, not 3 weeks

Menge: 24 assays
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