Rabbit Anti-Human Fractalkine (Intracellular Domain) pAb

Hersteller Cell Sciences
Typ Antibody
Specific against Human
Isotype IgG
Applikationen WB
Menge 200 ug
Host Rabbit
ArtNr CS-CPF201
eClass 6.1 32160702
eClass 9.0 32160702
Western Blot
Rabbit Anti-Human CX3CL1 Intracellular Domain polyclonal antibody. is a membrane-bound CX3C chemokine. The mature protein is part of a 397-amino acid precursor and consists of a chemokine domain of 76 amino acids, a mucin stalk of 241 amino acids, a putative transmembrane domain of 18 amino acids, and an intracellular tail of 37 amino acids. Within the chemokine domain the first two cysteine residues are separated by 3 amino acids. Fractalkine message is found in high abundance in the brain, kidney, lung and heart tissues. CX3CL1 is chemotactic for monocytes and other leukocytes including NK cells and lymphocytes, and may play a role in brain inflammation.
Lyophilized with 0.1% sodium azide. Precaution: Sodium azide is a poisonous and hazardous substance which should be handled by trained staff only.
Recombinant and natural human CX3CL1
Recombinant intracellular domain (aa 379-397) of human CX3CL1
Protein A purified
Centrifuge vial prior to opening. Add 200 ul sterile distilled water to the vial to fully solubilize the antibody to a concentration of 1 mg/ml.
Storage and Stability
Store at 2-4C for short term storage or in working aliquots at -20C for long term storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Cross-reactivity to CX3CL1 of other species has not been determined.
Menge: 200 ug
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