Smart Microplate Reader

Hersteller Cloud-Clone
Typ Reader
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Menge 1ea
ArtNr SMR16.1
eClass 6.1 32130212
eClass 9.0 42021690
Linearity range: 0-4.0OD
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp
Detection channel: Vertical 8-channel, find the center automatically
Optical system: Built-in 405/450/492/562/630 nm filters, with options for 3 more
Interface: USB interface
Display: Android tablet
Operation: Touch screen
Operation condition: 0Cca.40C; Relative humidity<=85%
Storage condition: -10Cca.40C; Relative humidity<=85%
Fuse: 3.15A, 110ca.220V
Dimension: 350mm(L)x300mm(W)x160mm(H)
Weight: 6.5kg
Input Voltage: AC110ca.220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: 100VA
1. Large screen (10.1 -inch IPS high-performance touch screen.
2. Getting result immediately (The reading can be completed by two steps, computing and directly plotting.)
3. Data storage (Intelligent, WIFI networking, Data cloud storage )
4. Cell phone Bluetooth (Remote control within 100 meters)
5. The whole system comes standard with 5 filters (405nm/450nm/492nm/562nm/630Nm), 562nm is specially designed for BCA protein quantitative test.
Menge: 1ea
Lieferbar: In stock
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Preis: 8.470,00 €


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