Hersteller GenScript
Typ Peptides
Specific against other
Menge 5mg
ArtNr RP10428
eClass 6.1 34160400
eClass 9.0 32160409
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Kyotorphin (Kyo), an endogenous neuropeptide (tyrosine-arginine), plays a role in pain regulation in the brain. This peptide administered centrally produced analgesic effects in mice, possibly through a Met-enkephalin release. The neurochemical basis of mechanisms suggests that Kyo stimulates its specific receptor, followed by Gi and phospholipase C (PLC) activations. Recently, we observed that this PLC mechanism leads to a Ca2+ influx in nerve ending particles or synaptosomes. In this report, we propose the hypothesis that inositol 1, 4, 5-trisphosphate (InsP3) elicits Ca2+ transport through plasmalemmal InsP3 receptor but not through intrasynaptosomal Ca2+ stores. Because neurochemically dissociated synaptosomes may not be exclusively pure but may contain various other subfractions, however, this hypothesis is required to be further confirmed through more physiological approaches.
Soluble in water. The contents of this vial have been accurately determined. Both the stopper and the vial have been siliconized. Do not attempt to weight out a smaller portion of the contents.
> 95%
Storage at -20C. Keep tightly closed.

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