Rabbit Anti-Mouse MAPKAPK2 Affinity Purified pAb

Hersteller Cell Sciences
Typ Antibody
Specific against Mouse
Isotype IgG
Applikationen WB
Menge 100 ug
Host Rabbit
ArtNr CS-CPM111
eClass 6.1 32160702
eClass 9.0 32160702
For Western Blot, use a working dilution of 0.5-4 ug/ml. Blocking peptide (Cat. No. CPM111BP) is available separately. The optimal concentration should be determined by the user for each specific application.
Rabbit Anti-Mouse MAPKAPK2 Affinity Purified polyclonal antibody. MAPKAPK2, also known as p45 hsp27 kinase, is a 45-54 kDa serine-threonine protein kinase that contains a proline rich sequence and two putative SH3-binding sites. MAPKAPK2 is activated in response to stress, IL1, and TNF, possibly catalyzed by p38/Hog-dependent phosphorylation. Hsp27 is one of the major substrates of MAPKAPK2, it stimulates actin polymerization in order to facilitate recovery from destruction of the cytoskeleton during cellular stresses. Two isoforms differing in their C-terminals are produced due to alternative splicing of the same gene. This antibody recognizes both isoforms.
Liquid in PBS, pH 7.2 + 30% glycerol + 0.5% BSA + 0.01% thimerosal. Precaution: Thimerosal is a poisonous and hazardous substance which should be handled by trained staff only.
Recognizes both 43 and 60 kDa isoforms, corresponding to the apparent molecular mass of MAPKAPK2 on SDS-PAGE immunoblots. These 43 kDa and 60 kDa bands can be specifically inhibited by the relevant peptide.
Synthetic peptide surrounding amino acid 365 of mouse MAPKAPK2
Biospecific affinity chromatography
Storage and Stability
Store at -20C or in working aliquots at -80C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Reacts with human, rat, dog, cow, and hamster.
Menge: 100 ug
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Preis: 707,72 €


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