WISP-1, Human

Hersteller GenScript
Typ Proteins
Specific against Human
Menge 25ug
ArtNr Z03204-25
Eclass 6.1 34160400
Eclass 9.0 42020190
WISP-1, also known as Wnt-1-inducible-signaling pathway protein 1, CCN4 and Wnt-1-induced secreted protein, is a cysteine-rich heparin-binding Glycoprotein belonging to the CCN protein family. It is expressed in many internal organs, such as the lung, kidney and spleen. WISP-1 binds to BMP-2 and enhances mesenchymal cell proliferation and osteoblastic differentiation. , WISP-1 has also been reported to attenuate p53-mediated apoptosis and inhibit TNF-induced cell death, suggesting it may play a role intumorigenesis.
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PL311_Other Proteins
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