G-Actin : F-Actin In Vivo Assay Kit

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Hersteller Cytoskeleton
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Menge KIT 30-100 assays
ArtNr BK037
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Question 1:  At which step can the assay be stopped?

Answer 1:  The assay cannot be stopped until after the 100, 000 x g spin for 1 hour at 37°, C.  After this high speed centrifugation, the supernatant (G-actin) can be mixed with SDS loading buffer and frozen for later use.  The pellet (F-actin) should be resuspended with a depolymerizing agent and water and then mixed with SDS loading buffer and frozen for later use.  Upon freezing, F-actin depolymerizes, so it is necessary to separate the F-actin from the G-actin before freezing samples to isolate samples for an accurate measurement of F-actin and G-actin ratios.


Question 2:  How sensitive is this assay?

Answer 2:  The assay can detect as small as a 15% shift in G-actin to F-actin ratio.  Each condition should be performed in duplicate and repeated several times as assay reproducibility can vary by 10-20% between experiments. 



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