Rhodamine Phalloidin (14uM in methanol)

Hersteller Cytoskeleton
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Question 1:  Can I use fluorescently-labeled phalloidin to stain F-actin in living cells?

Answer 1:  Unfortunately, no, phalloidin cannot be used to stain F-actin in living cells.  Phalloidins are used to stain F-actin in fixed cells.  Fluorescent phalloidins only bind to the native quaternary structure of F-actin which provides a low background.  The correct fixation condition for phalloidin binding is 3.7% (v/v) paraformaldehyde in PBS  for 10 min because it retains the quaternary protein structure which is necessary for high affinity binding of phalloidin.  Methanol fixation destroys the native conformation and hence is not suitable for F-actin staining with phalloidin.  To monitor actin dynamics in living cells, micro-injection of rhodamine-labeled actin (Cat. # APHR or AR05) is recommended.  Please see those datasheets for more information.


Question 2:  Which of the fluorescently-labeled phalloidin is the most stable/brightest?

Answer 2:  The brightest and most stable of the Acti-stains is Acti-stain 488 (green fluorescence, Cat. # PHDG1).  Please see the table below for additional information on all of our Acti-stains. 


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