Advent Calendar

Participate in our Hölzel Advent Calendar competition!

Open a door every day until 24.12.2020 and don't miss your chance to win.

Great prizes are awaiting you.

The Hölzel Periodic Table of Elements To make your research easier... and sweeter. K ELISA Kits 9 Cs Custom Service 1 O Oncology 17 Lovefor science 24 InIn VitroDiagnostics 21 F Food Safety 15 Ca Cardiology 16 Re Reagents 19 As Assay 10 Cl Clone 12 IIn Vivo Antibody 5 La Labware 7 Ar ARTs 13 Co Covid-19 22 Db Diabetes 6 Mo Molecules 3 Pr Proteins 14 P Peptides 2 T i Tissue 4 N Nucleic Acids 8 Ne Neuroscience 20 At Antibody 18 C Cell Lines 11 In Inhibitors 23

How does it work?

Every day you automatically have the chance to win one of our great prizes. Simply fill out the appropriate form after opening the daily door from december 1st to december 24th.
The daily winner will be chosen randomly and will be contacted by us via e-mail.

Who can participate?

Everyone who works in scientific, biological and medical research in industrial and pharmaceutical companies, universities and laboratories.

More information can be found in the conditions of participation

Good luck and all the best from the Hölzel team!