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the Hölzel Method

FROM COLOGNE into the world

In 1993 Dipl. Biologist Veit Hölzel founded Hölzel Diagnostika Handels GmbH in the heart of Cologne and in 2012 handed over the management to his daughter Anna Hölzel.

At Hölzel Diagnostika we reinvent ourselves every day! Flexible, careful and fast

  • that‘s how we make decisions
  • that‘s how we drive our development

But mainly:

  • that‘s how we structure our customer service

...... At least for us!

Part of the team deals with WHAT our customers need and WHERE we can get it. The other part is focused on selection and findability of the products and HOW they get to the customer. And all that extremely fast and at a fair price.

More than 25 years on the market bring us a lot of experience and expertise in various research areas. Since our existence, reliability, interest and commitment but above all the love for what we do is the key to success.

Hölzel Diagnostika is a young, dynamic family business with more than 25 years of history. A solid foundation on which we can evolve, grow and reinvent ourselves every day.

Partner Request

As a family run company we at Hölzel can offer you a long-term partnering opportunity in a fast growing business. While we offer high quality products with extablished or also new underlying technologies to our customers, we can help you entering as well as competing within the german speaking market.

Along our way to becoming a „One-Stop Shop for Life Science“ we have integrated numerous interfaces to the procurement systems of our customers and further are listed within a lot of catalogs of our customer’s purchasing departments. With flexibility and fast decisions we do not only support our customers in every respect, we also focus on a strong and successful partnership with our suppliers.

As a strongly dynamic and creative team, we strengthen your brand-awareness with unique marketing campaigns including newsletters as well as SEO and SEA strategies to get you right in front of our customers.

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