Hölzel goes green!


Sustainability is not a trend, for us. Sustainability is a responsibility that we share and implement together.

As Einstein already said:

The definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.“

If we want to protect our world, we have to change our behaviour in dealing with it.




Ecological Sustainability

The wonders of nature can only be further explored if we manage to preserve our precious environment.


The way to work and to the customer

The choice of a suitable building is an important decision for any company. Therefore, we have chosen a centrally located office in the middle of Cologne's city center, which allows all our employees to travel by bike or tram in a CO2-saving way. When planning our client and trade fair visits, we also always choose the train whenever possible.

Even if it sounds simple, the right waste separation makes a lot of difference and therefore we also attach importance to separate our waste properly.


Natural electricity

One of the most important starting points of any sustainability approach is electricity. That's why we source natural electricity from green energy plants. These generate electricity from clean hydro, wind and solar power.

In addition, we pay attention to the energy efficiency of all equipment within our offices and do not use paper internally at all.

The home office offer in our company also supports the idea of saving energy.


Search engine

By default, Ecosia is used as a search engine on every computer, making it easy for us to plant trees while we work and continue to support Ecosia's environmental goals.


Value chain

Supplier Spotlight - We value sustainable suppliers

As a reseller, we are particularly dependent on our suppliers. However, we do not put profit first.

Even though plastic plays a central role in the production of research materials and their application in the laboratory, the first manufacturers are starting to develop their own sustainability concepts.

In order to support these manufacturers and further promote thoughts of sustainability, we pay particular attention to their sustainability when acquiring and evaluating new manufacturers. We also highlight existing cooperation partners on our website.


The shipment from our supplier to us - bundling.

We bundle our orders, both from our suppliers and from you.

This not only saves transport distances and reduces our CO₂ emissions, but also allows our prices to remain stably low.


Shipping from us to the customer - our packaging

Biomass Balance Styrofoam

All our packaging is made from Biomass Balance Styrofoam. Biomass Balance Styrofoam packaging is in no way inferior to conventional Styrofoam products in terms of quality, properties and performance.

On the contrary, they offer a decisive advantage: when manufacturing products from Biomass Balance Styrofoam, the fossil raw materials required are replaced 100% by renewable raw materials.


Recycled paper as filling material

For our own filling material, we rather use recycled paper instead of plastic. In times of Friday-for-Future we also want to do our part for a better future.


The packaging of our suppliers

Packaging from our suppliers is reused to avoid harmful waste and to impact the environment as little as possible. Of course, this also applies to the suppliers' associated filling material.

We also reuse the cold packs.


Energy-efficient storage of products

Not all products need to be permanently refrigerated. Therefore, every incoming product is subject to a strict sustainability check to ensure that its storage is as energy-efficient as possible.

Professional disposal - closing the circle

We dispose your unopened ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins and inhibitors professionally. To support your projects, you will receive a 10% voucher which you can redeem in the Hölzel Shop.



Social Sustainability

The aspect of social sustainability plays a superordinate role at Hölzel Diagnostika. Equal opportunities as well as a fulfilling work-life balance have always been central topics as an employer.


Team spirit and togetherness

As a Cologne-based company, origin, sexual orientation or religious affiliation play no role whatsoever. Our philosophy and our success are based on team spirit and togetherness and benefits from the individual characters and people.


Work-Life Balance

We offer home office, find ways to make parenthood and job compatible for both mothers and fathers. We encourage parental leave for both parents and see it as key to balance the individual aspects.


Compensation well above the minimum wage

Hölzel Diagnostika has always paid well above the minimum wage for every position in the company. Overtime must be approved because each job is tailored to the contractually agreed working hours and it is expressly not desired that employees work overtime. The number of vacation days also significantly exceeds the legal minimum requirement.


Equality of all genders

The company is family-run and has had a woman and mother as managing director for more than 10 years. Women are treated equally and naturally have the same rights and income as male colleagues.

At Hölzel Diagnostika, all employees are equal. The management provides for empowerment and employees are always encouraged to share opinions, criticism and ideas. This is additionally encouraged by hardly any hierarchies and an open-door policy.

Donations for cancer research DAT KÖLSCHE HÄTZ

Hölzel Diagnostika distributes various research reagents for cancer research. In Cologne, we regularly donate to “DAT KÖLSCHE HÄTZ”, a support association for children with cancer. With every online order we collect 5 Euro per order. We also collect and donate with every raffle, such as the advent calendar.


Social responsibility also in shipping

At Hölzel Diagnostika we work exclusively with shipping service providers who have a high affinity to the social responsibility of their employees. We have high shipping costs because we strictly refuse to work with various providers on the German market who do not pay their employees fairly and exploit them.


Economic Sustainability


Low-quantity surcharge

Even though ordering individual products may be faster, we would like to encourage our customers to bundle their orders in order to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions caused by split deliveries.

Therefore, we have introduced a small quantity surcharge to make bundling products and orders more economically attractive.


The future - plastics in biotechnology

Economic sustainability remains a low-profile pillar of sustainability within the life science and biotechnology industry.

While environmental and social sustainability is already firmly anchored in our company, we have set ourselves the goal of pursuing and further advancing a sustainable approach, particularly in the area of economics.


Please help us to create a more sustainable world. Every building block, no matter how small, supports these three pillars of sustainability.

We are also very happy to receive your suggestions. Please feel free to contact us personally at