OxiSelect In Vitro ROS/RNS Assay Kit (Green Fluorescence)

Manufacturer Cell Biolabs
Type Assay-Kit
Specific against other
Amount 5 x 96 assays
Item no. STA-347-5
eClass 6.1 32161000
eClass 9.0 32161000
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The OxiSelect In Vitro ROS/RNS Assay provides a sensitive method to detect total reactive oxygen species (ROS) plus reactive nitrogen species (RNS) in a wide variety of sample types. This assay employs a proprietary fluorogenic probe, DCFH-DiOxyQ, the probe is primed with a dequenching reagent to the highly reactive DCFH form. In the presence of ROS and RNS, the DCFH is rapidly oxidized to the highly fluorescent DCF.

1. Measures total reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species, including hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, peroxyl radical, and peroxynitrite anion

2. Suitable for use with serum, plasma, urine, cell lysates or cell culture supernatants

3. Detection sensitivity limit of 10 pM for DCF and 40 nM for hydrogen peroxide

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Amount: 5 x 96 assays
Available: In stock
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