HTS Kinesin ATPase Endpoint Assay

Manufacturer Cytoskeleton
Type Assay
Specific against other
Amount KIT 1000 assays
Item no. BK053
eClass 6.1 32161000
eClass 9.0 32161000
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1-2 Weeks
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Funk, C. J., Davis, A. S., Hopkins, J. A. and Middleton, K. M. (2004). Development of high-throughput screens for discovery of kinesin adenosine triphosphatase modulators. Anal. Biochem. 329, 68-76.


Question 1:  What is the detection range of the Kinesin ATPase End-Point Biochem Kit (Cat. # BK053)?

Answer 1:  The reaction can detect phosphate over a range of 1 &mu, M &ndash, 50 &mu, M Pi (equivalent to 0.1 nmoles &ndash, 5.0 nmoles Pi in 100 &mu, l reaction volume).


Question 2:  Is the Kinesin ATPase End-Point Biochem Kit (Cat. # BK053) compatible with other kinesins sold by Cytoskeleton or only the human kinesin heavy chain protein included with the kit?

Answer 2:  Yes, the Kinesin ATPase End-Point Biochem Kit (Cat. # BK053) can be used with any of the other kinesin motor proteins sold by Cytoskeleton, Inc.  Please see the protein&rsquo, s datasheet on our website ( for representative data detailing each motor protein&rsquo, s ATPase activity using either this kit (Cat. # BK053) or our Kinesin ELIPA Biochem Kit (Cat. # BK060).



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Amount: KIT 1000 assays
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