Pharmacophore Perception (PRB-1)

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This unique book on pharmacophore perception and application has been published at an opportune time. Advances in combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening necessitate computer-assisted drug design (CADD) strategies that are delineated in this book. In many respects, pharmacophore perception and the use of perceived pharmacophores comprise the basis of all CADD methods.
The editor developed the book to be applicable to a large and diverse audience. His own Introduction coupled with chapters by the pioneers in pharmacophore perception provide a clear perspective, enabling both novices and experts to appreciate state-of-the-art perception methods described in subsequent chapters.

The editor has also included chapters which discuss applications ranging from qualitative (SAR) methods such as 3D searching and other forms of database mining: examples include quantitative (QSAR) methods such as CoMFA and receptor-ligand docking scores. Two sections of this book are dedicated to analog-based and receptor-based pharmacophores which comprise today's fundamental approaches to CADD: ligand-based and receptor-based design.
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