Tissue RNA Stabilizer Solution 20 ml

Manufacturer Fivephoton
Type Solution
Specific against other
Amount 20 ml
Item no. RNAstb-20
Eclass 6.1 32160401
Eclass 9.0 32120508
Inhibits RNases and stabilizes RNA within tissues or cells.
No need to immediately freeze samples.
RNA is stable for 1 week at 25C, 1 month at 4C or permanantly at -20C.
Do not freeze tissues before immersion in RNA Stabilization Solution.
Cut tissue samples to <=0.5 cm in any interface.
Place the fresh tissue in 10 volumes of RNA Stabilization Solution.
Most samples in RNA Stabilization Solution can be stored at room temperature for 1 week, 1 month at 4C, or stored at -20C or -80C indefinitely.
Do not freeze samples in RNA Stabilizer Solution immediately; store at 4C overnight (to allow the solution to penetrate the tissue), Remove the liquid surrounding the tissue, then move to -20C or -80C for longer term storage.
Tissue RNA Stabilizer Solution stabilizes and protects cellular RNA in unfrozen tissue samples, eliminating the need to immediately freeze or isolate RNA. Tissue slices can be harvested and then submerged in RNA Stabilizer Solution for storage without altering the quality or quantity of RNA.
Amount: 20 ml
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