Manufacturer GENWAY
Type Antibody
Specific against other
Clone PK136
Applications FC
Amount 0.025 mg
ArtNr 20-783-310042
Genway ID:
Gene ID:
Spleen and bone marrow cells from CE mice
Fusion Partner:
Spleen cells from immunised (C3H x BALB/c) FI Hybrid were fused with cells of the Sp2/0 - Ag14 myeloma cell line.
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein A from tissue culture supernatant
Buffer Solution:
Phosphate buffered saline pH7. 4
Preservative Stabilisers:
0. 09%Sodium Azide1%Bovine Serum AlbuminSuggested
Flow Cytometry:
Use 10ul of the suggested working dilution to label 1 x 106 cells in 100ul. The Fc region of monoclonal antibodies may bind non-specifically to cells expressing low affinity fc receptors. This may be reduced by using SeroBlock FcR (/). Suggested
Flow Cytometry - Neat
Plays a stimulatory role on natural killer (NK) cells cytotoxicity. Activation by cross-linking of the receptor induces Ca(2+) mobilization and interferon-gamma production.
Homodimer; disulfide-linked. Interacts with tyrosine kinase LCK.
Subcellular Location:
Membrane; Single-pass type II membrane protein.
Tissue Specificity:
Expressed in natural killer cells.
The anti-NK1. 1 monoclonal antibody (PK136) recognizing Klrb1b and Klrb1c genes is known to identify NK cells from B6 and SLJ mice but not from BALB/c ones. A single mutation Thr-191 present in Klrb1b and Klrb1c genes of BALB/c mice may be responsible for lack of NK1. 1 reactivity in these mice. Indeed when Lys-217 of BALB/c mice Klrb1c is mutated to Glu-217 present in B6 and SLJ mice it does not confer NK1. 1 reactivity.
Contains 1 C-type lectin domain. 1. Koo. G. C. and Peppard. J. R. (1981) Establishment of monoclonal anti-NK-1. 1 antibody. 2. Koo. G. C. et al. (1986) The NK-1. 1 (-) mouse: A model to study differentiation of murine NK cells. 3. Kung. S. K. P. and Miller. R. G. (1995) The NK1. 1 antigen in NK-mediated F1 antiparent killing in vitro. 4. Wang. M. et al. (1998) Natural killer cell depletion fails to influence initial CD4 T cell commitment in vivo in exogenous antigen stimulated cytokine and antibody responses. 5. Arase. N. et al. (1997) Association with FcRgamma is essential for activation signal through NKR-P1 (CD161) in natural killer (NK) cells and NK1. 1+ T cells. 6. Kung. S. K. P. et al. (1999) The NKR-P1B gene product is an inhibitory receptor on SJL/J NK cells. 7. Carlyle. J. R. et al. (1999) Mouse NKR-P1B. a novel NK1. 1 antigen with inhibitory function.
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