Hölzel goes Green!

Because we at Hölzel Diagnsotika care about the environment, we want to set a good example in environmental protection!


All our new packaging is therefore made from Biomass Balance Styrofoam. Biomass Balance Styrofoam packaging is in no way inferior to conventional Styrofoam products in terms of quality, properties and performance. On the contrary, they offer a decisive advantage: In the production of biomass balance polystyrene products, the required fossil raw materials are 100% replaced by renewable raw materials. We at Hölzel actively contribute to the sustainable reduction of CO₂.


Packaging from our suppliers will be reused to prevent harmful waste and minimize the impact on the environment. Of course, this also applies to the associated filling material of the suppliers. For our own filling material we set aside plastic and use paper instead. In times of Friday-for-Futures we want to do our part for a better future too.


Our vision of a more sustainable world also affects the world of scientists. Our coolpacks are reusable and it’s a shame to send them to waste! We offer the opportunity to return used coolpacks and exchange them for a bottle of sparkling wine. Together let us make the world more sustainable and reward yourself with a glass of sparkling wine.