OxiSelect™ Comet Assay Kit (10-Well Slides)

Manufacturer Cell Biolabs
Type Assay
Specific against other
Amount 250 assays
Item no. STA-851
eClass 6.1 32161000
eClass 9.0 32161000
Storage Temp
Upon receipt, store the Vista Green DNA Dye at -20ºC. Store all other kit components at room temperature.

Note: The presented information and documents (Manual, Product Datasheet, Safety Datasheet and Certificate of Analysis) correspond to our latest update and should serve for orientational purpose only. We do not guarantee the topicality. We would kindly ask you to make a request for specific requirements, if necessary.

All products are intended for research use only (RUO). Not for human, veterinary or therapeutic use.

Amount: 250 assays
Available: In stock

Delivery expected until 6/6/2024 


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