ABclonal Biotechnology Co.,Ltd established in 2006, is specialized in large-scale human genome antibodies production, both polyclonal and monoclonal. As a one-stop biology CRO service supplier, they provide the whole services from gene synthesis to any further stages including protein expression, antibody purification and immunology detection.

ABclonal has a series of standardized procedures on animal culture and experimental operations, which make their products stable and reliable. Good reputation, professional service and reasonable prices have led to a great popularity of their products among customers all over the world.

ABclonal has for animal immunization 3000 standardized rabbit breeding cages. Annually they cultivate 20,000 experimental rabbits and immunize 10,000 of them. Each year, more than 3,000 recombinant proteins are successfully highly expressed, and more than 3,000 polyclonal and 500 monoclonal antibodies are produced. Moreover, their success ratio on prokaryotic expression is higher than 90%; on antibody western-blot detection of the endogenous proteins is higher than 80%.


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