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Aviva Systems Biology


Aviva Systems Biology, based in San Diego (USA) and Beijing (China), provides an extensive collection of quality antibodies for research and diagnostic applications.

Aviva currently offers over 33,030 antibodies and 17,733 antigens within their large product range. Their high throughput antibody production releases more than 200 new antibodies every month. Aviva's focus is antibodies to key targets in the areas of transcription, epigenetics and cell signaling.

Customer Service: Aviva Systems Biology has extensive antibody experience. The company has generated a catalog of over 12,000 antibodies, covering a range of over 7,000 unique genes. The production capabilities are available to customers seeking to initiate antibody production for multiple targets.

Additional features of the custom antibody production service are:

  • Capacity to produce 1,000 antibodies per month
  • Ability to supply large quantities of antibodies in lyophilized format
  • Extensive experience in bioinformatics to assist with peptide domain selection
  • Extensive western blot validation capabilities using cell lines and tissues from various species


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