The American supplier ChemScene LLC is our trusted partner for different research-chemicals. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and has more than 100 chemists and analysts. The team is highly qualified and is currently developing more than 4,000 exclusive building blocks. The scientific team cooperates closely with universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Not least because of this, it can develop more and more structurally novel products.

The research laboratory covers more than 3000 square meters and is equipped with the latest research equipment. This ensures that even customers with more complex wishes for product synthesis are satisfied. Quality is always top priority at ChemScene. The specially designed quality control management laboratory meets the highest standards and is equipped with the latest technology. The high-quality chemicals are therefore always supplied with all relevant test data, including HNMR, LC-MS and HPLC, as well as stability and activity information.

The broad product portfolio of ChemScene not only includes customized synthesis products, but also many high-quality catalog products. The latter include thin-layer chromatography plates, dyes and bioassay reagents, screening libraries, bioactive small molecules, as well as other building blocks and intermediates. All products are available from milligrams to kilograms in size. In total, ChemScene has over 4500 building blocks and intermediates in the catalog.

The US company's main aim is to pave the way for drug discovery through innovative, low-cost, high-quality chemicals. ChemScene not only sells building blocks and intermediates, but also thin-layer chromatography plates, screening libraries, bioactive small molecules, dyes and bioassays, and peptides. Since its foundation, the company has endeavored to improve pharmaceutical production and to contribute to drug development. The advanced technical know-how, many years of experience in the field of life sciences and strict quality controls make the company an ideal partner. Hölzel Diagnostika and ChemScene share a passion for scientific innovation as well as for advanced technologies.

We at Hölzel Diagnostika are your distribution partner for Germany who can supply you with every product from the large ChemScene product range.


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