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"USCN Life Science Inc. Wuhan" officially changed its name to "Cloud-Clone Corp. Wuhan". Therefore, the beneficiary name USCN got officially changed to Cloud-Clone, while the account number and other information/ products will remain the same.


Cloud-Clone Corp., a biotechnology company headquartered at 1304 Langham Creek Dr, Houston, consists of four research and development oriented enterprises: Cloud-Clone Corp. Wuhan, Cloud-Clone Diagnostic Reagents Institute, Uscn Experimental Animal Breeding Co. Ltd. and the Uscn Life Science Kit Inc.

Cloud-Clone Corp. Wuhan is located in the Wuhan Export Processing Zone. Its product quality management system was certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certificates. 85% of the products, including protein, antibody kits and assay kits, are exported to international markets, such as USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.

Due to focus on research and development, Cloud-Clone Corp. Wuhan has set up two research centers authorized by local government - Wuhan USCN Postdoctoral Innovation Base and Wuhan Enterprise R & D Center. Moreover, Cloud-Clone Corp. has launched many research projects which are funded by government, such as, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, and the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, and others.

Featured by its own core intellectual properties such as patents and innovations, USCN has received numerous honors and awards for its scientific innovations and technological advancements including:
-Top Ten Science and Technology Startup Enterprises of Hubei Province
-SME Innovation Award of Hubei Province
-SME Innovation Award of Wuhan City
-Intellectual Property Advantage to Cultivate Enterprise of Wuhan City

The Protein Department has three protein production platforms, including natural or endogenous protein extraction platform, small molecules modification platform and recombinant protein expression and purification platform using prokaryotic, yeast, and mammalian cells as hosts.

The Antibody Department has established a high-throughput technology platform for monoclonal and polyclonal antibody preparation. These technologies, developed internally, consist of animal immunization, sample collection, and affinity antibody purification for polyclonal antibody preparation, as well as cell fusion and screening for monoclonal antibody preparation.

The Immuno-detection Application Department focuses on assay kit development and production. At present, its main products include ELISA and CLIA kits designed in either two-antibody sandwich or competitive inhibition formats. Otherwise, its featured products are small molecule detection kits designed for samples from any species, multi-species kits designed for detection of target protein from more than two species, anti-antibody detection kits, high sensitivity or mini kits designed for samples of smaller quantities, rapid test kits designed to save time.

The Detection Department is responsible for managing the product quality control in compliance to ISO certifications. All Cloud-Clone products will be inspected by a three-level quality control system, that is, raw-material QC, semi-finished product QC, and end-product QC. Some of products are independently certified by third parties, too.

The Institute of Diagnostic Reagents is located on Zhenhua Road and contains Information Department, Technology Department, and R&D Center,etc. This Institute focuses on new project initiation, solving difficult or key problems in procedures of methodology optimization for antigens and antibodies’ application, as well as completing the transition from research use to clinical diagnosis.

The Laboratory Animal Center, owned by the Uscn Experimental Animal Breeding Co. Ltd., has established a government certified animal facility for monoclonal and polyclonal antibody preparation. With a total area of 1,200 square meters, the center can simultaneously accommodate 1,440 rabbits, 400 guinea pigs, 10,000 mice and rats, from which mice and rat are fed in a 320-square-meter SPF laboratory animal facility.

Recently Uscn Life Science Kit Inc. has been making great efforts to manufacture life sciences related intelligent instruments and equipments, and their APP development as well.


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