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G-Biosciences is a registered trademark of the life science company Geno Technology Inc. The US company is primarily committed to protein research, which resulted in the establishment of G-Biosciences in 2010. Key technologies in protein research are simplified and improved. A variety of products for the protein and life science research market are now making a researcher's laboratory time easier and more affordable.

The G-Biosciences team carefully examines certain experimental techniques for improvement. From protein extraction to protein purification and detection, key areas are identified and products are optimized. The consequence of this work is the diverse range of products, from simple buffers in suitable concentrations and sizes to customer-specific devices such as the Tube-O-Dialyzer. The main areas of application include protein assays, mass spectrometry, antibody production and protein purification.

G-Biosciences is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)-compliant life sciences laboratory with experience in academic and industrial research and manufacturing. The high quality reagents are cited in numerous scientific publications. The declared aim of our partner is to provide reagents, specialty chemicals, buffers, assays, application kits and research tools of high quality.

G-Biosciences bioassays cover a wide range of areas in proteomics and cell biology. The CytoScan™ products offer a range of non-radioactive bioassays for the investigation of chemical and cell-mediated cytotoxicity, viability, cell death or cell proliferation. The apoptotic product line includes caspase assays and a wide range of inhibitors. Highly sensitive protein quantification tests such as the NI™ (Non-Interfering™) Protein Assay, a colorimetric protein assay that overcomes the interference of common laboratory equipment, are G-Biosciences' guarantee for successful laboratory tests. The CB-X™ test is furthermore designed to be compatible with all common buffers and conditions.

G-Biosciences offers competent, high quality custom product manufacturing that meets the strict cGMP requirements of the biotech industry. Customers can take advantage of many years of manufacturing experience to acquire custom branded products. From simple buffers to multi-component kits for use in research and teaching in the life sciences, diagnostics and biopharma, G-Biosciences routinely works closely with its partners to design and manufacture products to your quality specifications. The process of development is carried out by highly qualified professionals and includes custom manufacture, synthesis and production of cleaning resins and column packaging.

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