Shanghai GenePharma is a supplier and service provider of RNA interference (RNAi) products.

What is RNA interference?

RNAi is a biological process and a special case of gene silencing that influences development and leads to a targeted deactivation of genes. Therefore it has an important role in defending cells against viruses, transposons and parasitic nucleotide sequences.

RNAi is caused by MicroRNA (miRNA) and small interfering RNA (siRNA) that bind to specific messenger RNA (mRNA). With the involvement of enzyme complexes they cause the destruction of the information of the mRNA, which inhibits gene expression.

What are siRNA?

Small interfering RNA are short, double-stranded RNA that are usually about 21 to 22 nucleotides in length. They are produced by an RNase III–like enzyme, called Dicer.

With two overhanging nucleotides at the 5' end and the 3' end, the siRNA can impede the translation of proteins by binding to mRNA and destroying these at specific sequences. By this means, siRNA inhibit the production of specific proteins based on the nucleotide sequences of their corresponding mRNA.


Shanghai GenePharma offers chemically-synthetic siRNA oligos, custom siRNA oligo, chemically-modified RNA oligo, fluorescent dye for biological macromolecules marker; Biosynthesis siRNA, short hairpin RNA (shRNA); DNAs encoding shRNA, plasmid vector encoding shRNA; RNAi service based on chemical synthesis, RNAi service based on vector regulation; siRNA related reagents and RNA-related products etc.

All of GenePharma’s high-quality products are produced under ISO9001 standards to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


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