LC Laboratories

LC Laboratories

LC Laboratories based in Woburn/ USA takes great care to provide products of the highest purity and activity.

Low price does not mean low purity. LC Laboratories' prices are often 30-80% lower than those charged by other suppliers, especially for the most widely used products such as kinase and phosphatase inhibitors and activators. However, the lower prices do not signify that product purities are lower as well. Quite the opposite: LC Laboratories believes that the purity of each of the products is equal to, and in most cases greater than, the purity obtainable from any other source worldwide.

While it may be a little difficult to see how that is possible — higher purity for a lower cost — the reason is simple. LC Laboratories manufacture most of their products themselves and they have large-scale preparative liquid chromatography purification capabilities.

Over the past 31 years LC Laboratories has developed numerous proprietary, very efficient, low-cost production methods that have been optimized to provide very high final purity. They have also located very low-cost sources of raw materials for manufacturing.


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