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Raybiotech Inc. is headquartered in Norcross, USA. The manufacturer drives the development of innovative and reliable technologies of the “post-genomic age” with great energy. The innovative company supplies research laboratories, institutes and hospitals with high quality, easy-to-use protein arrays and analysis systems. Scientists from industry, science and research in over 40 countries around the world already trust in the excellent products and services of our partner.

The leading life science company has core competencies in the field of proteomic discovery tools. In order to be able to offer products and services of the highest possible quality, Raybiotech retains the certification of medical devices according to ISO 13485. This applies to the production plant and testing service facility and contributes to compliance with GLP / GMP-FDA regulations. The high quality standards and the continuous improvement program guarantee consistently high-quality, reliable products and test services. RayBiotech is in charge of the design and development of processes, products and services.

With human genome sequencing completed, researchers have been able to analyze the expression of a wide variety of disease-related genes. However, genome research alone is by no means sufficient to understand diseases or disease states. Often, abnormal protein expressions, post-translational modifications or interactions with other biomolecules are the cause of a disease or a certain clinical picture. Efficient, high throughput protein analysis therefore offers one of the most promising approaches to understanding and treating disease. RayBiotech responded to this need as early as 2001 with the introduction of the first commercially available cytokine antibody array. Since then, the product lines have been expanded to include numerous (immune-) arrays for the efficient analysis of proteins. Proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth and signal transduction are efficiently detected. RayBiotech's comprehensive service programs include Array Testing Services, Biomarker and Peptoid Discovery and custom assay development.

Hölzel Diagnostika is the German sales partner of Raybiotech and can supply you with any product from Raybiotech's extensive product range. For example, we offer the species human, rat, mouse, dog and many others. Raybiotech Inc. and Hölzel Diagnostika GmbH have been working together very successfully since 2001.

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