SignalWay Antibody

SignalWay Antibody

SignalWay Antibody LLC is a US based company based in College Park, Maryland. From there, it produces a variety of antibodies for the global life sciences community. Life science companies, universities and, of course, research institutes around the world are among the customer base. The company offers high quality antibodies as well as proteins, inhibitors and assay kits. It covers many important research areas. These include signal transduction, stem cell and cancer research and many other research areas.
As the company name Signalway Antibody suggests, you can study various signaling pathways through SAB products. The company sets some main focus in antibody production. Our partner has a wide range of phospho-specific antibodies for the detection and research of various phosphorylations. Furthermore, methyl/and acetyl antibodies are part of the large assortment. Both conjugated and unconjugated antibodies are produced.
The high quality antibodies can be used in a variety of applications. Applications include Western blotting, immunohistochemistry or immunofluorescence. In addition, the product range of antibody reactivity is extremely flexible. It ranges from mouse over rabbits and chickens to humans. In this way, as far as possible, all specific customer needs are taken into account.
Signalway Antibody offers several products in the area of gene knockout, synapses & synaptic proteins, neuronal cell markers or axon guidance. Cellular processes in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's can be better characterized and understood using Signalway Antibody products. Neuronal stem cell markers and neuronal progenitor cell markers complement the product portfolio with important components.
The biotechnology company from Maryland attaches great importance to high product standards. Quality assurance and quality control is a priority at Signalway Antibody. Through numerous inspections of production, testing and logistics procedures, the customer is always offered the best possible product.
We at Hölzel Diagnostika are your distribution partner for Germany who can supply you with every product from the large Signalway Antibody product range.


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