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Our unique antibody range distinguishes us from other suppliers; with a wide range of post-translational modified-targeted antibodies, tag’s, signalling intermediates, and our expanding array of monoclonal products.

We specialise in primary antibody supply to the global bio-research market, targeting both academic and commercial scientific research sectors. Our exploratory platform offers scientists an aid to further advance their research, giving us the edge to develop transparency & reproducibility in experimentation of our products.

Our customer reviews provide full protocol details and imagery, so like an academic journal the methods can be reproduced in the same way.

St John’s Laboratory has helped to create a global community of researchers who contribute to the field of antibody validation. Through our platform, academics and industry professionals’ can share research, projects and lab tips, as well as join our Scientist of the Month feature, which is helping to build a more integrated relationship between the supplier and buyer.

With St John’s Laboratory you can expect full support for your purchasing requirements and guaranteed customer service from our highly competitive purchasing range.

Actin is the most abundant filament protein that occurs almost unchanged in nearly every cell type. This highly conserved molecule is involved in more protein-protein interactions than any other known protein. Beta actin is one of six isomers of actin protein. As the main protein of the cytoskeletal filament, it is found in eukaryotes, prokaryotes and fungi. Beta-actin especially plays a crucial role in functions such as cell migration, pathways at the blood-brain barrier, cell division, muscle contraction, cell mobility, secretion, phagocytosis and gene expression. Because of its abundance and universal expression across different cell types, beta-actin is a protein that researchers use in western blot experiments. It is one of the most widely used loading controls during a western blot.

A loading control is used to allow a more reliable interpretation of Western blot data. Since proteins like beta-actin are generally not affected by experimental conditions, it acts as a control level to normalize the detected protein levels. Explore St John's Laboratory's beta-actin antibodies, a broad spectrum from mouse monoclonal to goat polyclonal antibodies for a variety of uses and reactivities.


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