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    Growth factors and Cytokines Tutorial - An Introduction

    Serving a crucial role in cells, growth factors and cytokines are absolutely indispensable to human physiology, stem cell and cancer research and developmental biology. Growth factors and cytokines are vital signaling molecules that control cell activities in an autocrine, paracrine or endocrine manner. They are a key to a cell’s biological function by binding to specific receptors and activating associated downstream signaling pathways. In turn, these pathways regulate gene transcription in the nucleus and ultimately stimulate a biological response. In this video, you learn about physiological processes affected by growth factors and cytokines and about the three different signaling mechanisms they use. You get a short overview about the classification of Growth factors and the range of applications they are used in. Lastly, you will learn about the rigorous quality control testing processes.

    • Introduction
    • Physical Impacts
    • Signaling Mechanisms
    • Growth Factor Classification
    • Applications
    • Quality Control

    Fitting products:

    Recombinant Human GM-CSF (CSF2) (E. coli)
    Recombinant Mouse TNF (E. coli)
    Recombinant Human Artemin (ARTN) (E. coli)
    Platelet Derived Growth Factor C (PDGF-­C) Antibody
    ELISA Kit for Insulin Like Growth Factor 2 (IGF2)

    Conditional gene expression using the Cre Lox FLEx vector switch!

    The Cre-LOX system relies on two components to function: a site-specific recombinase called Cre and a DNA sequence called loxP. Cre recombinase recognizes loxP sites and initiates site-specific recombination between those sites. The recombination outcome depends on the position of the lox sites and their orientation. To avoid continual gene flipping, scientists developed a system with different spacer regions that are not cross-compatible. A FLEx switch has the gene of interest flanked by two sets of different lox sites, which results in a final product consisting of the inverted gene of interest flanked by two different lox sites. FLEx (flip excision) switches are a powerful tool for genetic manipulation, especially in vivo. In this video you learn about the basic Cre Lox and Flex switch principles. You get to know more about applications of FLEx switches (like gene knock-ins and inducible gene expression). The advantages of the systems are also explained in detail.

    • Cre lox basic principle
    • FLEx switch basic principle
    • Applications of FLEx switches
    • Advantages of FLEx

    Fitting products:

    Cre-GFP Adenovirus
    LOX Adenovirus
    LoxP GFP/­RFP ColorSwitch (Neo) lentivirus
    Recombinant Enterobacteria phage P1 Recombinase cre(cre)
    LoxP GFP/RFP ColorSwitch (Puro) lentivirus

    One-Step Multi-fragment Cloning with the Pro Ligation-free Cloning Kit

    In this video, abm’s Pro Ligation-free Cloning Kit is introduced. As the name already says, it is ligase free. This results in a lower chance of vector self-ligation, no reliance on restriction site availability and a reduced background colony growth in comparison to other assembly kits. The kit is great for multiple fragment assembly, completely scar-free and reliable. Furthermore, it is simple and fast: No Gel extraction or PCR is needed, one reaction tube is all it takes. Complex assemblies are achieved in only one hour. By watching this video, you learn how to use the Pro Ligation-free Cloning Kit and about the major benefits it brings to your laboratory.

    Fitting products:

    Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (20 reactions)
    Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (50 reactions)

    abm - RT Products Overview

    As an industry-leading and global biotech company, abm offers a wide range of PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR enzyme products. abm’s scientists have engineered the highest quality enzymes and most advanced and sophisticated formulations for PCR related applications. This video provides an overview about our partner’s Real Time PCR products. Learn about the advantages of Easy ScriptTM reverse transcriptases such as improved yield and exceptional processivity. This video also explains the Total-Transcriptome cDNA Synthesis Kit work flow and its ingredients. Since quality of RNA template can determine the success of your RT-PCR experiment, the AccuRT Genomic DNA Removal System effectively removes any gDNA contaminations in an RNA sample and thus provides the researchers with unbiased results. Routine RNA extraction is relieved with abm’s ExCellenCT Lysis Kit.

    • Easy ScriptTM reverse transcriptases
    • Total-Transcriptome cDNA Synthesis Kit
    • AccuRT Genomic DNA Removal System
    • ExCellenCT Lysis Kit

    Fitting products:

    ABM-G485, ABM-G486
    All-in-one RT Mastermix
    ABM-G231, ABM-G232
    Easy Script Enzyme
    ABM-G453, ABM-G454
    Easy Script Plus Supermix
    ABM-G233, ABM-G234, ABM-G235, ABM-G236
    cDNA Synthesis Kits
    One Step RT-PCR
    ABM-G904, ABM-G905
    Total-Transcriptome cDNA Synthesis Kit
    AccuRT Genomic DNA Removal System
    ABM-G917, ABM-G918
    ExCellenCT Lysis Kit

    Glass Slide Microarray Technique Video

    This video is an overview of best practices for handling RayBiotech glass slide antibody and protein arrays. It provides detailed information how to deal with all devices with a step by step guidance. Learn about impulses and hints to improve your results and avoid annoying and troublesome mistakes. Example: Red or black ink can interfere with array signals, so label your slides only with black or blue ink. Did you know that? For more useful tips take a few minutes and watch the full video.

    Fitting products:

    Mouse Anti-­CDK2
    Human Autoimmune Disease IgG Autoantibody Array G1
    Human Cytokine Array G4000
    Mouse Inflammation Array GS1
    Human Apoptosis Array G1

    Ultrasensitive Biomarker Testing Service - Simoa™

    Since tiny changes in coded proteins make the difference between sickness and health, observing these changes can help direct diagnosis and treatment in areas like oncology or cardiovascular diseases. Single molecule molecule array (Simoa™) testing is a powerful technique that is more sensitive than standard sandwich based immunoassay techniques. The RayBio Ultrasensitive SimoaTM Testing Services reach femtogram (fg/ml) levels, allowing the detection and quantification of biomarkers at concentrations previously difficult or impossible to measure. In this video, you learn about the operating principle behind SimoaTM testing and what makes up its specificity.

    Fitting products:

    please inquire
    Ultrasensitive Biomarker Testing Service
    Human IL-6 ELISA
    Human Endothelin-­1 ELISA
    Canine pro-­BNP ELISA
    Human VEGF-­A ELISA