Adiponectin, Human

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Typ Proteins
Specific against Human
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ArtNr Z03119-50
Eclass 6.1 34160400
Eclass 9.0 42020190
Adiponectin is an important adipokine involved in the control of fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity. It is synthesized exclusively by adipocytes and secreted into plasma. It antagonizes THF-alpha by negatively regulating its expression. It also inhibits endothelial NF-kappa-B signaling through a cAMP-dependent pathway. Adiponectin can form low molecular weight complexes (LMW), middle molecular weight complexes (MMW) and higher molecular weight complexes (HMW). These bind to various growth factors, such as HBEGF, PDGFB and FGF2, and play a role in cell growth, angiogenesis and tissue remodeling.
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PL307_Cytokines, Chemokines & Growth Factors
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