Immunoprecipitation Buffer w/ Triton X-100 (TIB-1)

Manufacturer Fivephoton
Type Buffer
Specific against other
Amount 150 ml
ArtNr TIB-1
Eclass 6.1 32129211
Eclass 9.0 42051003
Applicable to immunoprecipitation-pull down procedures
Maintains charge-charge and hydrogen bonding interactions between proteins, but abrogates hydrophobic interactions
Efficient membrane dissolution capacity
Can be used as a stand alone cell lysis buffer or in conjunction with downstream IP
Formulated with a non-amine containing buffer that allows for minimal interference with protein concentration assays
Can be used in cross-linking procedures
The Triton Immunoprecipitation and Cell Lysis Buffer is applicable to most standard immunoprecipitation procedures. It is used to lyse cells, and solubilize proteins that can be co-immunoprecipitated. The lysis buffer abbrogates hydrophobic interactions but maintains charge-charge interactions between proteins.

Synopsis of cell lysis and immunoprecipitation procedures
Add Trtion and Immunoprecipitation buffer to lyse cells and solubilize proteins.
Centrifuge debris and collect the supernatant
Add immunoprecipitating antibody to the supernatant
Add immunoprecipitating beads
Gently sediment and wash the immunoprecipitating beads
Elute the antibody-protein complex from the immunoprecipitating beads
Amount: 150 ml
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