Manufacturer GENWAY
Type Antibody
Specific against Human
Amount 0.1 mg
Host Mouse
ArtNr 20-783-314630
Genway ID:
Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein G from tissue culture supernatant
Buffer Solution:
Phosphate buffered saline pH7. 4
Preservative Stabilisers:
0. 09% Sodium Azide (NaN3)Approx. Protein Concentrations: IgG concentration 1. 0mg/ml
Monocyte-derived dendritic cells
Is specific for human CDw328 a type I transmembrane glycoprotein and member of the Siglec (sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin) family designated Siglec-7 originally identified as an inhibitory NK cell receptor (NKR) and negative regulator of NK activation attributed to ITIM recruitment of SHP-1 phosphatase. CDw328 is expressed predominantly by natural killer cells (NK) and to a lesser extent by monocytes and granulocytes and like Siglec-5 (CD170) has been shown to bind to sialylated ligands of targets through recognition of sialic acid in both the alpha-2 3- and alpha-2 6- glycosidic linkage. Recommended Negative Controls: MOUSE IgG1 NEGATIVE CONTROLRecommended Secondary Antibodies: Rabbit Anti Mouse IgGGoat Anti Mouse IgGGoat Anti Mouse IgG (H/L)Goat Anti Mouse IgG IgA IgMHuCAL Anti Mouse IgG1Goat Anti Mouse IgG (Fc)Sheep Anti Mouse IgG (H/L)
Putative adhesion molecule that mediates sialic-acid dependent binding to cells. Preferentially binds to alpha-2 3- and alpha-2 6-linked sialic acid. Also binds disialogangliosides (disialogalactosyl globoside disialyl lactotetraosylceramide and disialyl GalNAc lactotetraoslylceramide). The sialic acid recognition site may be masked by cis interactions with sialic acids on the same cell surface. In the immune response may act as an inhibitory receptor upon ligand induced tyrosine phosphorylation by recruiting cytoplasmic phosphatase(s) via their SH2 domain(s) that block signal transduction through dephosphorylation of signaling molecules. Mediates inhibition of natural killer cells cytotoxicity. May play a role in hemopoiesis. Inhibits differentiation of CD34+ cell precursors towards myelomonocytic cell lineage and proliferation of leukemic myeloid cells (in vitro). Ref. 5Subunit structureInteracts with PTPN6/SHP-1 upon phosphorylation. Ref. 2Subcellular locationMembrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein. Tissue specificityPredominantly expressed by resting and activated natural killer cells and at lower levels by granulocytes and monocytes. High expression found in placenta liver lung spleen and peripheral blood leukocytes.
Contains 1 copy of a cytoplasmic motif that is referred to as the immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitor motif (ITIM). This motif is involved in modulation of cellular responses. The phosphorylated ITIM motif can bind the SH2 domain of several SH2-containing phosphatases. Post-translational modificationTyrosine phosphorylated. Ref. 2Sequence similaritiesBelongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily. SIGLEC (sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin) family. Contains 2 Ig-like C2-type (immunoglobulin-like) domains. Contains 1 Ig-like V-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain. Sequence cautionThe sequence AAF44346. 1 differs from that shown. Reason: Frameshift at position 406. [1] \" Cloning of a bcl-2 homologue by interaction with adenovirus E1B 19K. \" Farrow S. N. White J. H. M. Martinou I. Raven T. Pun K. -T. Grinham C. J. Martinou J. -C. Brown R. Nature 374:731-733(1995) [PubMed: 7715729] [Abstract]Cited for: NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE [MRNA]. Tissue: B-cell. 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