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CUSABIO, headquartered in Wuhan/China, produces and sells high quality and unique research reagents and instruments. The manufacturer supplies a wide range of products and services to academic and government research institutions, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and hospitals worldwide. CUSABIO has specialized in the production of Elisa kits and immunological reagents such as antibodies and proteins. The modern logistics system guarantees fast delivery to customers.

CUSABIO has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. The product high quality has been confirmed by numerous articles published in renowned specialist journals. All products are carefully validated against strict QC standards to ensure the best possible performance. For ELISA kits, our partner only selects raw materials with high specificity. In order to achieve excellent quality, CUSABIO analyzes the cross-reactivity and interference, thus confirming that only target analytes are recognized and detected.

CUSABIO has established a solid platform for assay kit development, a sophisticated antigen-antibody research and development system. The kits offered are mainly ELISA kits and exosome isolation kits. Fine affinity purification technology is used to manufacture exosome isolation kits. With the diagnostic kit development team, CUSABIO can develop ELISA kits with clinical diagnostic levels and bring quality to the top worldwide. Exosomes have been one of the main research areas in recent years, and exosome separation technology has been constantly updated and improved. The product of continuous improvement and testing are CUSABIO exosome isolation kits with high purity, high yield and high efficiency.

The product portfolio of the respected manufacturer also includes numerous antibodies that are specific for a large number of species. As an original manufacturer, CUSABIO designs, produces and validates every antibody in-house. In addition to advanced experimental equipment, the antibody line also has a professional technical team. The protein expression platform has established four recombinant expression systems from prokaryotic (E. coli) to eukaryotic (yeast, mammalian cells and insect baculovirus) and built a unique in vitro E.coil expression system with which transmembrane proteins can be expressed.

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