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Our partner Giotto Biotech S.r.l. is a spin-off of the Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) at the University of Florence and specializes in products and services in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as well as in the production of specific proteins. Giotto Biotech works closely with the CERM and therefore has great expertise in NMR. The company can offer its customers a unique service in this field. The internationally diversified company strives for progress and development in all research areas. It wants to guarantee the best possible service and customized products for every individual need.

Giotto Biotech product range

In addition to NMR standards, the broad product range also includes recombinant proteins, peptides, organic compounds as well as buffers and markers. The NMR standards include, for example, calbindin, ubiquitin or L-asparaginase 2. In the protein product area, Giotto Biotech offers an extensive selection of matrix metalloproteases, S100 proteins and other calcium-binding proteins. Our partner is also specialized in the labeling of proteins with stable isotopes (^ 13C, ^ 15N and ^ 2H). In principle, however, other protein modifications can also be carried out (e.g. with cysteines) if these have been published. The range of buffers includes SDS, TAE, or TBE buffers. In order to cover the selection of products in the biochemical area, Giotto Biotech also sells synthetic enzyme inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies against folded proteins. In addition, the innovative company offers service for NMR-based metabolomics and can use unique devices from the Magnetic Resonance Center.

Individual customer service at Giotto Biotech

Giotto Biotech also offers its customers individually tailored product and customer service. This includes all the necessary information about NMR, its access and application. The company provides NMR devices from 600 to 950 MHz for structure determination, assignment and screening. With the "labeling service" it wants to ensure that all customers receive the right product. Proteins up to a size of 30 amino acids can be labeled site-specifically and produced synthetically. With more than 30 amino acids, the labeled or unlabeled polypeptides can also be produced biotechnologically. The company also has an excellent knowledge of organic chemistry: most substances can be produced in a range from milligrams to kilograms.

Quality and safety always have the highest priority for Giotto Biotech! All products are subject to the strictest quality controls and regular inspections, for example by mass spectrometry. If you haven't found the right product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We reliably take care that you receive your desired article!

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