The company MyBioSource was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2006. One year later, the distribution and shipping operations were relocated to San Diego, California, to better serve the worldwide clients. The mission of MyBioSource is providing the best biological reagents worldwide. As a goal towards achieving the primary mission, MyBioSource provide its customer base of researchers and scientists a high-quality product range of biological reagents, such as monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins or ELISA kits. The company values high standards in terms of quality, availability and technical service. At the same time, MyBioSource offers excellent value for money in nearly 2 million life science products. Select from an expansive portfolio of ready-to-use kits and products accompanied by an extensive offering of raw bulk materials.

MyBioSource supplies ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kits that detect a variety of antigens, proteins and peptides, including EGF, VEGF and various cytokines. ELISA kits that can be used to study a variety biochemical pathways and disease states, such as cancer, the insulin signaling pathway and oxidative stress can be used with a wide variety of sample types including serum, plasma and tissue homogenates, as well as cell culture lysates and supernatants. The spectrum ranges from samples of mice, humans, bovines to less common species such as horses, fishes, camels and so on.


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