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neoFroxx GmbH is our specialist for fine and biochemicals. The German company has been producing and selling high quality chemicals and reagents for over 30 years. The area of application of these primarily includes production, quality control and daily laboratory work.

In addition to the own brands BioFroxx and Labochem, products from Biological Industries and HiMedia Laboratories are also sold. The product range of Biological Industries includes all reagents required in the field of cell culture. The focus is on stem cell culture and cytogenetics. Biological Industries customers can be found primarily in biopharmaceutical, academic and government research institutes, as well as in biopharmaceutical companies.

The own brand neoFroxx particularly includes molecular biological products as well as articles for cell cultures. These include biochemicals such as buffers, enzyme substrates, DNA and protein markers. The ISO 9001: 2015 certified company attaches great importance to consistently high quality and optimal customer service. If required, products can also be produced according to your needs, or tailor-made packaging sizes that are made available. neoFroxx employees have many years of experience in sales, quality management and in the production of biochemicals, molecular biological reagents, basic chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and salts.

The need for microbiological reagents is covered by the products of HiMedia Laboratories. HiMedia was founded in India more than 30 years ago to supply the domestic market with microbiological media. Today HiMedia is one of the three largest producers worldwide. Classic and chromogenic media as well as test kits for research, diagnostics, production and quality control are available from our partner. In addition to the classic recipes, almost all microbiological products are also available as HiVeg™. This line of products is made exclusively with vegetable peptones. By replacing the animal raw materials, the TSE / BSE risk is eliminated. As a new product group, the microbiological media are supplied in granulated form or in capsules. In recent years, the production of cell culture media for eukaryotic cells, insect cells and plant cells as well as molecular biological products have been added as additional pillars.

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